Do Grocery Delivery Services Really Save You Money?

The convenience of ordering your groceries online and having them delivered to your door comes at a cost—which might be worth it, or it might end up putting you over budget.

You’ll only be able to decide how you value this popular service if you carefully weigh your options and the pros and cons of shopping with a grocery delivery service.


Cons (Costs)


If you decide to try a grocery deliver service, shop around to find the best deal for your budget and lifestyle.

Leading delivery companies include:

Another option is curb-side pick-up from your local grocery store. You can still have someone shop for you and save you time for a smaller fee.

What do you think? Is a grocery delivery service worth it for your life and your budget? If you’re still on the fence, give it a try for a few months. Most delivery services have promotional offers that lessen the risk of trying them out for a limited time while you make up your mind.

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